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Quizzo team trivia is a unique promotional tool designed to boost attendance during one weeknight for two and a half hours.


 Quizzo games build large, diverse teams of regular patrons at bars and venues nationwide.  Like bowling leagues or karaoke clubs, Quizzo encourages patrons to recruit friends and family in order to win prizes.  Since the year 2000, we have conducted events in over 250 venues, in more than two-dozen states. In these 10 years we’ve produced steady, consistent results by offering the premier live trivia contest specifically designed for bars and venues.


 Over the years weekly attendance has ranged from 30-50 players (in smaller venues) to more than 150 players in our most successful establishments. Players are generally well educated, and spend an average of $20-$30 per person over the course of the game. Further, they are fiercely loyal, and often frequent the host venue on nights other than Quizzo events (in fact many venues have added our other games including Tune Trivia, Bar Bingo etc. because of Quizzo’s success).

 Quizzo attracts competitors who actively recruit players to improve their team’s chances of winning.  Because players generally learn that it takes a large team with varied trivia skills to win, teams might start with 2-4 players but grow to 8-10 players within a few months.  While it may take time to establish teams, once they get into the game they rarely — if ever — miss a week.


In our home market of Atlantic City, NJ, teams have competed for as long as   

15 +years.  Based on our historical success rate in larger-scale venues, we expect anywhere from 8-15 teams to be involved in the weekly competition within its first 8-12 weeks.  We have seen that number grow to between 12-20 teams each week (based on national average).


The Quizzo fee structure is very basic, and only a preliminary sales order is needed to begin service.  We ask that all new venues give the game at least 4-6 months to evaluate its success.  Each game costs $200, although discounts are often available for new venues and chains so please inquire with your sales representative. The venue supplies a prize, usually consisting of a basic $25 to $50 house gift card (beer sponsors often add to the prize pot as well). Outside of that fee, there are no additional costs to operate the game and no equipment to purchase. As part of that price Quizzo identifies and trains a local MC in your area to conduct all aspects of the Quizzo game. There are NO long term contracts to sign and we are flexible with game cancellations for special events and private parties, just gives us 48 hours notice!

Marketing and Promotions Strategy

We pride ourselves on producing a superior live trivia game, but at our core we are a promotions and marketing company.  Our goal is to build teams of patrons who will spend money and time in your venue.

The first key to ensuring success is working with a local host in the venue’s market that will do everything in their power to promote the game.  We select our hosts through an extensive process, and train them thoroughly to engage a crowd and properly handle all aspects of the Quizzo.  This ensures the venue staff has minimal responsibility in the game’s production.

To enhance marketing efforts, we establish a comprehensive Web presence for each venue.  This includes custom Web pages with integrated Google Maps, links to the venue’s official home page, and –most importantly — a unique game page where users can track their scores.  We also utilize social media sites to further promote the game. Visit to see a list of venues already running!

Finally, we will supply each venue with point of sale (POS) marketing material as needed, including color posters, and other marketing graphics.  (Sample marketing materials are available upon request)

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